CREOPTIX WAVE Delta biosensor

199 000.00

CREOPTIX WAVE Delta biosensor.
1st installation: 2021.

Price: £ 169,150.00 excluding tax, only available with an Evosciences financing contract.
Finance over 5 years, at the rate of 60 monthly payments of £ 3,355.00* excluding tax.
Guaranteed 1 year, installation and training by Creoptix.

*Funding rates correct as of 1 December 2021.

Unlock your full drug discovery potential through affinity and binding kinetics analysis with the Creoptix WAVEdelta


Creoptix is pleased to share with you an exclusive end-of-year promotion offering one WAVEdelta biosensor.

This is the perfect occasion for you to add the most sensitive next-generation bioanalytical instrument based on the proprietary Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology to your drug discovery pipeline and accelerate your hit-to-lead campaign from weeks to days.

How to benefit from the Creoptix WAVEdelta System :

High sensitivity optical biosensor for real-time label-free binding kinetics.
Robust kinetics determination of off-rates up to 10 s-1.
Reliable binding affinities from low pM to low mM.
Superior signal-to-noise ratios (0.01 pg/mm2 at 1 Hz).
Compatible with crude samples, harsh chemicals, and particles up to 1000 nm.
Self-contained disposable cartridge and small footprint up to 120 hours of unattended operation.

The system includes :

– WAVEcore (device)
– WAVEsampler (autosampler)
– WAVEcontrol (2 perpetual software licenses)
– Laptop
– Power cable

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Are you interested in this equipment? Think about the rental

CREOPTIX WAVE Delta biosensor.
Evosciences offers you financing solutions to rent this laboratory equipment.

Indeed, we can offer flexible rental tools matching the rental period with the actual duration of use of the equipment.
Evosciences remarketing capabilities make it possible to add value to the equipment to be replaced at any time and take advantage of market opportunities.

For more rental information, do not hesitate to visit our page dedicated to the benefits we provide to our customers or to contact us.

You will find more details about the CREOPTIX WAVE Delta biosensor on the Creoptix website.